What it is

Moving Beyond Traditional Investigations

Think about the investigation data that comes from different sources and formats. You analyze it either by using tools from Open Source or create your own mechanism to comprehend the case related data. In this process, you end up dealing with multiple systems, tools & databases to generate intelligence and solve cases. This delays the investigations & despite all good efforts, insights remain in silos & investigations stay disintegrated.

Integrate your databases & investigative tools over a single interface!

Investigation Workbench is an investigative platform designed specifically for LEAs & Intel Agencies. Available in both Personal & Enterprise editions, it enables you to integrate different data sources & systems over a single interface to generate holistic intelligence. It can be scaled with your data and investigation needs. Once invested, you can use this platform irrespective of the type/volume of data to be analyzed, for as long as you continue to conduct investigations.

What’s Possible

Investigate unlike ever before

Investigation Workbench is designed to simplify investigations. It features an intuitive & user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly access all the available information at one place, instead of logging in to separate systems. Its unified platform enables you to explore & visualize data from multiple dimensions and leverage the collective strength of the existing systems over a single interface.

Multiple Data sources and Systems: Single Interface Investigation

Stop sifting through various databases using different tools available within your LI space. Integrate everything you want to analyze & connect your available LI systems or tools and get correlated insights, instantly.

Single place for Multiple Data sources

Bring your Investigative Data Sources like Tower Dumps, CDR, IPDR, PCAP, Subscriber Data, Images, Textual Documents, etc. at a single place and get started with your investigations.

Integrate third party Systems/Tools

Integrate your existing Investigative Systems and leverage their collective strength over a single user interface to generate integrated insights.


Get a variety of connectors like Rest API, ODBC, RSS, etc. to integrate different databases with Investigation Workbench. Choose from SDKs available on-demand to integrate different systems as well.

Start out-of-the-box

Start with a package of systems connected to the platform offered by ClearTrail; PCAP Decoder & Analyzer, CDR & IPDR Analyzer & Social Media Analyzer to get an unmatched visibility of your suspects. Know more

Discover hard to find relationships within the case data

Delve deep into the investigation data to expose the relationships and cues you never knew about with powerful data analysis and infinite exploration capabilities.

Insights from Textual data

Get your starting points like Email Ids, Locations, Phone Numbers, Persons, Keywords, Phrases, etc. hidden within textual data.

Insights from Image data

Extract details like objects & text present in the images, captions of the image, etc. when you analyze the image data present in your databases.

Interactive Dashboards

Visualize real-time insights over dashboards to make data-driven decision for your investigations.

Connect the dots

Explore your data across multiple systems connected with Investigation Workbench until you get the clues you need to move forward with your case.

View insights the way you want

Understand more about your data and find quicker and more meaningful answers by visualizing the insights in different views like bar charts, graphs, lines, pie charts, GIS, etc.


Plot sensitive locations extracted from your data sources over GIS Maps and profile your suspects on the basis of places they visit.


Identify complex relationships within the investigation data by plotting different entities over a graph.


Decode your suspect’s complete activity patterns and plot them chronologically over a timeline to see how the events have occurred in real-time.

Coordinated Visualization

Discover hidden connections between different entities present on a dashboard. Click on one field & everything related to it would get highlighted.

Generate & Share Analytics that Matter

Generate reports of the cues you discover as you move forward with your investigations and share them with other investigators. Here’s how!

Role Based Access Control

Map your organization’s operational hierarchy as it is within a case by defining workflows & roles of the investigators.

Sharing & Collaboration

Get an environment where you can collaboratively work with other investigators to share your findings and take quick decisions in real-time.


Record the entire investigation as digital reports. You can even save these reports in non-editable format and present them as court-room evidence.

Annotation & Tagging

Share critical insights with other investigators by marking that field and adding a comment to it to bring your findings to their notice.

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