We Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence

Explore our offerings that connect systems, data and people together to transform the way law enforcement and national security agencies conduct investigations and gather intelligence to solve cases and prevent crime

We lead technology innovations to maximise returns from LI investments

Our focus on the improbable- to spot possibilities where they are seemingly non-existent, has enabled us to provide solutions which are sustainable, modern and help agencies derive value out of their existing LI investments

  • Analysis of Volumes of Internet, Voice and OSINT Data

    We enable investigators to analyse and extract behavioural insights from volumes of encrypted IP data and voice calls; and derive intelligence from social media platforms and secure websites.

  • Metadata Extraction @

    We build and deploy mass metadata probes with a highly optimised hardware footprint; our systems support metadata extraction for a wide range of IP protocols, both clear-text and encrypted.

  • Integration of Systems, Data and Tools on a Single Platform

    Our solutions are based on a modular architecture that empowers investigators to connect the dots to identify suspicious behaviour, uncover hidden connections, profile entities of interest and derive rapid insights.

  • Machine Learning on Disparate Data Sources

    Our solutions implement advanced analytics and machine learning to analyse diverse datasets from multiple sources to generate rapid intelligence, enabling investigators to automate their investigations and perform data-driven decision making.

Your Mission is Ours

Law enforcement & federal intelligence agencies operate on mission critical investigations to upkeep public safety. As modern criminals operate under the guise of encryption, these agencies must have the technical wherewithal to analyze massive volume, variety & velocity of data from multiple sources- flexibly, adaptively & easily.

We are committed to unreasonably serve our customers to provide relevant & timely support for their investigations, with the latest & greatest technologies in LI monitoring & analytics. Our range of solutions are deployed across 15+ countries, expanding rapidly worldwide.