Inside Nuron

Reduced Monitoring Costs

Nuron ensures that the probes are utilized optimally by giving a choice to the investigators where they can consciously decide the amount and type of traffic that will land to the probes. By using Nuron, agencies will neither have to upgrade the capabilities of their existing probes, nor will they have to invest in new probes altogether even when the network traffic surges exponentially.

Complete Network Traffic Visibility

Nuron provides a quick snapshot of network link composition that helps agencies gain an enhanced view of what is flowing into the network. Once the traffic is viewed, agencies have the choice to forward only significant traffic to probes and ignore irrelevant traffic like software upgrades, advertisements, etc. It not only optimizes the probe’s capacity by up to 50%, but also avoids the need to invest in new probes to handle increasing traffic volumes.

Improve Traffic Routing

Nuron comes with technology to overcome the complexity inherent in large networks & easily capture the traffic of interest with reliability. The device comes with 1200+ Protocols, 20000+ Filter Rules & a processing speed of 10Gbps per module which provides smart & accelerated filtering capabilities to provide a greater control over selection of data

Easy Integration with Existing LI Infrastructure

Nuron being a high density small foot print device can be easily deployed between network interception points & IP probes. Nuron can be easily integrated with practically any LI set up without disrupting ongoing operations or replacing existing probes

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